17 October 2009

Civil Society and Security Sector Transformation in Timor-Leste

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE English Fundasaun Mahein "FM" (Dili, Timor-Leste), supported by the International Security Sector Advisory Team "ISSAT" (Geneva, Switzerland), will host a training workshop for Civil Society on Security Sector Transformation between 13-15 October 2009. Approximately 16 national NGOs and other organisations will attend.

FM's mission is to assist in increasing the legitimacy and capacity of the Timorese security sector through citizen participation in the development of relevant legislation, policies and procedures. FM's activities include monitoring, research and advocacy regarding the security sector.

The workshop is funded by the Governments of Ireland and Norway. FM is expected to receive a sizeable contribution to conduct activities for two years from the Australian Government, AusAID, in one month.

For more information email direktor.mahein[at]gmail.com. www.fundasaunmahein.wordpress.com)

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