28 October 2009

JSMP Vacancy Announcement Women's Justice Unit Evaluator

Expected start date: Mid-November 2009.
Type of contract: Short-term project contract
Salary: USD$ 2,500
Applications Close: Friday 6 November 2009

Background to the Position

The Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP) was established in 2001 to promote legal compliance with international human rights standards, particularly those relating to a fair trial, and to contribute to good governance practices in Timor-Leste. JSMP disseminates the information it gathers to both the Timorese and international community.

Since 2004, the Women?s Justice Unit (WJU) at JSMP has assessed and reported upon the status of women, provided policy advice regarding legal issues affecting women in the formal justice sector and developed resources on issues affecting women?s access to the formal justice system.
The WJU seeks to contract an external evaluator to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and results of the WJU during the 2009 calendar year.
Objects of the Position
The WJU Evaluator will provide JSMP and external stakeholders with information that will:

* determine the degree to which the WJU has fulfilled its objectives;
* be constructive and useful for the cooperating parties by structuring experiences and providing lessons learned which can be used to strengthen and further develop the projects of the WJU; and
* promote learning among both cooperating partners, as well as other relevant parties such as local authorities, local NGOs, and external donors.

Expected Outcomes of the Position

JSMP expects the Evaluator to conduct their work in three phases: preparation; data collection and interpretation; and feedback and reporting.

In the preparation phase, the Evaluator must, in consultation with internal staff and external donors, prepare an evaluation work plan and schedule, describe the projects? goals and results, prepare project partners and draft an initial list of evaluation questions.

In the second stage of data collection and interpretation, the Evaluator must collect, analyse and interpret data, develop a final report outline and conduct an onsite debriefing for participants in the evaluation process.

The final phase of evaluation and feedback will consist of preparation, validation and distribution of the final evaluation report. The report is expected to be concise (approximately 30 pages). The Evaluator will also be expected to deliver an oral presentation on the report for all interested parties.
The final results of the evaluation must be submitted to JSMP by 30 December 2009.
Qualifications and Experience
The successful candidate will have the following qualifications and experience:

* Experience in monitoring and evaluation of projects;
* Familiarity with the justice sector in Timor-Leste;
* High level of proficiency in both written and spoken English, and Tetum or Bahasa Indonesia;
* High level interpersonal and oral and written communication skills; and
* Excellent knowledge of gender issues.

The position is open to both national and international applicants. Timorese nationals are particularly encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should email their CV and a covering letter explaining how they meet the selection criteria to Julia Mansour, International Adviser at JSMP mansour@jsmp.minihub.org by Friday 6 November 2009.

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