31 October 2009

Internationals in Timor Leste organise to defend democracy and justice


"Internationals" Organise themselves


A cooperative group which has participated in the development of knowledge and performance in several areas of East Timor, known as "international", composed of individuals of the Portuguese Language Countries and other nationalities, announces the TLN (Timor Lorosae Nac√£o Blog) who is organising to exchange information on the country of "Sol-Nascente" on its people and their friends, even after having returned to their countries of origin, especially when doing "for reasons of safety, because we believe that crime which favours certain politicians are unpunished. "

They said, asking our support in the disclosure of information that consider "useful to fight in defence of legality and democracy in Timor-Leste ".

And continue:

"We do not wish to rush so we understand that in moments like those that currently in Timor if are living, we know that is in some political authorities, who are the biggest violators of the law, we should seek to establish truths about what is possible and denounce.

We aim to understand and disseminate safely illegalities that currently are practice and worrying attack on democratic development in Timor-Leste, defrauding the Timorese and the entire international community that has committed to lead the country teaching practices of the developed world for better justice and democracy.

In fact, in the case of East Timor, we believe that all of us have had the illusion of that by the fact that almost ten years to be a country, the commitment of international aid, there are persons desirous that had success, because some of their leaders went and lived in exile for many years abroad in the developed world, for all these reasons, we judged that had seen the errors committed by other Governments and societies and that in the case of Timor a lot would be different and better.

For the better in the case of the environment, better in the case of transparency, better in the case of a healthy democracy, better in the case of Justice and distribution of wealth through initiatives honest, etc. Thought this is much more possible given the small country and population. At the moment East Timor could be beginning to be almost a sea of roses, essentially fair, healthy and democratic.

But it is not happening. What we have seen is this people being systematically deceived. Fooled by some ex-combatants selfish, by all those who were always hand in hand with the Indonesian military and with the Australia Governments, by some who fought abroad and comfortable lives in exile. That the peoples and their Governments gave them to live, learn and fight, the case of Jose Ramos Horta, for example. It was aim to return the country become a fair elite benefit of massacred anonymous and needy children of Timor.

The reality of East Timor is not this, quite the contrary. The majority of Timorese are surviving miserably, while their leaders wasted and exploit the wealth of the country in their own advantage. East Timor has already a criminal elite is fill their bank accounts abroad, as other ex Portuguese countries cases. Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, his daughter, and all that are in line with the regime that was installed and that apparently only now beginning to open the democracy, a democracy deficit which aims only moderate certain requirements of its citizens and democratic world. In East Timor is already happening. It was of that destructive and opportunistic movement 2006 brought to the country.

It is not difficult to conclude that the profiteers want to be part of the elite any cost, selling, lying, fooling, indifferent of the difficulties of huge anonymous people and away from the centre of political power. Political power prepared to systematically deceive and violate laws.

This unfortunate reality is a shameful. Citizens of the world and contributors for a Timor democratic and fair, we are disappointed by being so defrauded by liars Mr Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao. We do not need to mention now others, newcomer elitist status, are generating in Timorese society a true cancer, a kind of illegality and absolutely practitioner impunity is at the stage of growth.

All this is extremely worrying, very sad, and inadmissible. For these reasons we believe this the reason for our existence to denounce the criminal elite of East Timor that is in formation and that must be fought with the wisdom and legality which does not allow it to make that country a new area of despotism and easy enrichment at the expense of human rights violations and outrage at the democratic world.

At the moment we are currently considering the reality of the practices of present Timorese leaders, democratic world that has supported the country for more of ten years must suspend all kinds of aid. Not by Timorese ,of course, but the criminal elite that is in political power, disregarding all other constitutional powers, especially the judiciary, laws, propriety, attentive anonymous populations, needy because of Government operations.

The current East Timor Government represent a huge disappointment for the who know and accompany daily dishonest practices and anti-democratic. That is why we denounce all actions harmful and illegal that the current Government and Presidency of the Republic to commit or try commit. It is what this group of friends agreed to put forward.

We appeal to all the international "which have complied with mission in East Timor and that have been silenced the complaints of unlawful and anti-democratic practices committed by the current political power and their counterparts do through this site or disclosure bodies they consider most appropriate that the Timorese may enjoy country who want fair and thus deserve. The objectives took us to dedicate to their cause.

Friends of East Timor

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