29 March 2012

Police will arrest journalists who report false news

Diario Nacional March 26, 2012, Language Source: Tetun

The Timorese National Police Commander (PNTL) Commissioner of police, Longinhos Monteiro said that the police would arrest journalists who had not published factual news stories in their newspapers.

“To maintain the security in the country not only PNTL but it is our responsibility, inclusively you (the journalists) who manipulate news stories in your newspapers also do not contribute to the situation of the country,” Monteiro said.

Monteiro called on all newspapers and journalists not to manipulate information and write it based on facts due to manipulation of news will create instability in the country. He called on all people not to believe romour-mongering that some problems would happen in the second round of presidential election and said PNTL was ready to guarantee the situation in the country.
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