23 March 2012

President with military background is not good for the country

Timor post, March 22, 2012 language source: Tetun - President of Republic Jose Ramos Horta affirmed that if the president of republic whose background was military then it was not good for the country, according to Timor post.

“I just want to announce to all people and the two president candidates who would be elected, they have not threat people and engaging in violence because many people are now afraid of the security situation that what will happen in the future,”

President Horta said. President Horta made the statements yesterday at the Presidential Palace of Nicolao Lobato in Aitarak-Laran, Dili during his farewell ceremony with the staff of the President Palace.


John Charles Heiser said...

I agree with President Horta. Look at what happens in most countries that have high ranking military leaders, become leaders of their countries. Soviet Union, Andropov, United States, former CIA Head, Geogre H.W. Bush, Chile, Pinochet, France, De Gaul, Great Britain, Churchill, and many smaller states. It the vast majority of these cases, the poorer and less privileged people suffered as did human rights. In the United States, although his propagandists did a good job off covering up his excesses, George Washington was also very much a dictatorial elitist. He sent troops against the poor, in what is called the Whiskey rebellion, intrigued to expand slave holders rights. If you chose the military life, and advance, while in the military, to the rank of Col. or above, for most, their character become infected by their position in the change of command. Few have truly democratic tendencies. Military leaders should not run countries in almost all cases. People of Timor Leste, it is my belief that you freedom may be in danger. Be alert.

Anonymous said...

what a bullshit. Ramos Horta was the one in 2007 proposed Taur Matan Ruak to be presidential candidate. History all over the world has shown most dictators came from civilians, not military. Ramos Horta issued such statement because he knew that running againts "barefoot or not Dr", Matan Ruak backed by Xanana, was a mission impossible for him. and in fact he failed. if he was not re-elected that means peopple had jugded he did not perform during last five years. Good bye Ramos...