20 March 2012

CNE files 10 electoral crimes, three submitted to the Public Prosecution

Source: Independete, March 19, 2012 language source: Tetun - The National Election Commission (CNE) President Faustino Cardoso affirmed that the CNE has identified ten electoral crimes and they already submitted three of them to the Public Prosecution.

“CNE received 10 cases which were presented by the presidential candidates Ruak, the Timor-Leste Press Club (TLPC), Partido Republicano (PR), from the promotion team of Lu-Olo. CNE already responded to claims about some cases and some of them were resolved and three of them sent to the Public Prosecution to be processed and they are considered to be electoral crimes,” Cardoso said.

He added that political campaigns by the presidential candidates went well within 15 days, even though there were some minor cases, they were not too serious.

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