18 March 2012

Fretilin maintains strong lead in 2012 Presidential Election but run-off poll likely with no candidate reaching 50%

East Timor Legal News 18 March 2012 - The Fretilin candidate in the 2012 Presidential election, Lu Olo, has strengthened his lead over the second-polling candidate, former Chief of the Defence Force, Taur Matan Ruak, in the latest poll results in East Timor.

Provisional results as at 1330 hrs today local time published by the East Timor Radio and Television service report that Lu Olo has now tallied 27.83% of the counted voles with Taur Matan Ruak trailing on 24.66%.

Jose Ramos Horta is fighting for his political survival with only 18.77% while the Democratic Party candidate and leader of the student resistance during the Indonesian occupation, Lasama, is in fourth place on 17.60%.

Total valid votes counted so far are 357,861 with void votes at 14,487 and blank voting cards at 5,338.

With neither party heading for the necessary 50%, it is likely that there will be a second round of polling to decide the presidency.

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