14 March 2012

Parliament fails again to decide quorum suspension of Minister of Justice

March 13, 2012, 22:12 Dili, 13 sea (Lusa) - The National Parliament of Timor-Leste returned today does not meet the quorum required to approve the suspension of Justice Minister Lucia Lobato, requested by the Dili District Court to be tried for the crime of corruption.

The National Parliament scored the debate for today's draft resolution to suspend the functions of the Minister of Justice for further prosecution, but was not on the floor the number of members needed to approve the suspension.

The Chamber consists of 65 Timorese MPs and already on Monday there was no quorum to reach a decision on Lucia Lobato.

The suspension of the minister must be approved by an absolute majority but both today and on Monday they were only visible in the House less than ten representatives.

The Dili District Court asked the National Parliament to suspend the mandate of the Timorese Justice Minister, Lucia Lobato, to be tried for the crime of corruption, abuse of power and forgery of a document.

According to the order of the District Court of Dili, the Lusa news agency that had access, the public prosecution is brought against Lucia Lobato and a man identified in the order as Antonio de Ara├║jo Freitas.

The order states that the trial opened on Wednesday and that the defendants are "accused of the crime of corruption, abuse of power and forgery of a document", in particular by favoring public tenders for the construction of civil registry offices in several districts.

The agency Lusa continued today without getting a reaction to Minister of Justice of Timor.

Last September, Lucia Lobato told Lusa that still awaits a definitive indictment by prosecutors and the courts on the alleged charge that is the target and whose investigation began two years ago.

"When you have received, inform the Prime Minister about this notification, I leave my duties and I'll be waiting to go to trial," said the minister at the time. MSE. Lusa / end Google translation unofficial

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