31 March 2012

National Parliament will discuss Minister Leite’s Immunity

East Timor Legal News 31/03/2012 Source: Diario Nacional March 30, 2012, Language Source: Tetun - The National parliament will discuss the removal of the immunity from court process of the Minister for State Administration and Territorial Management (MAEOT), Arcanjelo Leite.

Deputy President of the Parliament, Maria Paixao said the MPs would hold discussions to remove Minister Leite’s political immunity on Monday (02/04).

In response, MAEOT Arcanjelo Leite said being citizen and official of the government he was ready to respond to the allegation.

“As an official of the government and citizen I have been waiting for a long time about the allegation process to respond to the court. I am ready to respond but as an official of the government we should abide by the constitution,” Leite said.

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