22 March 2012

Parliament removes Minister Lobato’s political immunity

East Timor Legal News 23 March 2012 Source: Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, March 21, 2012 language source: Tetun - The National Parliament yesterday removed political immunity of Justice Minister Lucia Lobato so that she can testify in the court regarding corruption allegations against her.

The MPs made the decision through a secrete vote and the majority of the MPs voted in favor of removing Ms. Lobato’s immunity.

Deputy Parliamentary President Maria Paixao confirmed that they made the decision to remove political immunity of Lobato in order to help facilitate the court to try her [Lobato] regarding the allegation made by the Public Prosecution against her.

“We are able to vote for removing the political immunity of Lobato with the presence of 39 MPs and 36 of MPs vote in favor, 1 abstention and two others did not want to give their vote.

We will send an official letter to the court declaring that the Parliament has removed the political immunity of Ms. Lobato so that she can be tried,” MP Paixao said.

She also said that they would implement the same decision against MPs and or other state leaders if they were accused of engaging in acts of crime in the future.

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