22 March 2012

MPs call for amendment of Article 40

East Timor Legal News 23/03/2012 Diario Nacional March 21, 2012, Language Source: Tetun - MPs from Fretilin and AMP have called on the president of the parliament to amend the Electoral Law Article 40 as it is violating the people’s rights.

MP Fernanda Borges said the Article 40 did not benefit the Timorese people; therefore the referred law should be amended shortly.

MP Virginia Ana Belo and Arao Noe de Jesus from CNRT said the Article 40 of the Electoral Law should not be amended as it was there to avoid manipulation of votes, but in fact many people did not want to vote due to transport shortcomings.

MP Belo said the law had prejudiced the voters; therefore MPs proposed to amend the law.

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