20 March 2012

Horta considers those who produce electoral law have no brain

Independete, March 19, 2012 language source: Tetun - President of the Republic Jose Ramos Horta stated that those people who produced the electoral law had no brain because the laws affected the economy of the poor.

President Horta made the statements in relation to those who are obliged to return to their Districts to vote.

“I am disappointed as when I returned from Manatuto, I saw thousands of people in trucks, Angguna and motorbikes going back to their villages even though it was raining. I am angry because the electoral law obliged the poor and those who are selling goods in the market in Hali-Laran and Komoro, they have no money but they must go to their districts such as Baucau, Lospalos, Ainaro, Aileu and others. Probably those who produced the law have no brain because people have to spend US $30 to go to Oe-Cusse and Suai and that makes me angry with the electoral law.

We produce the law to facilitate people to participate and not to make them to face difficulties,” Horta said.

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Anonymous said...

than who promulgated it does not have a brain as well.....