21 March 2012

Lu Olo or Taur Matan Ruak better for Presidency?

PAT WALSH, long time Timor-Leste solidarity/human rights advocate and former advisor to the Truth, Reception and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR) writes in Eureka Street about the current Timor-Leste elections:

"The choice facing the electorate now is, in my view, straightforward. Although the second round candidates have similar political and military pedigrees, Guterres is better qualified to be president.

Since independence he has occupied significant national leadership roles, including heading the country's largest political party and serving as speaker of the parliament for many years. He has recently completed a law degree and can also take some credit for the responsible role played by Fretilin during its recent years in opposition.

TMR is not ready. He has virtually no experience outside the military, which he was in charge of when the 2006 crisis began in its ranks. Many are rightly uncomfortable with the prospect of a recently retired general, Indonesian style, becoming head of a fragile state in which the military already plays an internal security role."

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