24 March 2012

Fundasaun Mahein (FM): Projeitu Loke Kuak - Taka Kuak

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) has just published a report on road security
(Mahein Nia Lian No.31: Bad roads impede the election security). We
would like to make an additional observation on the topic of road
infrastructure. All those currently in Dili would have noticed the
appalling condition of Beach Road or Avenida de Portugal, most notably
in Pantai Kalapa and opposite the port.

A few weeks ago now, for reasons not known by FM, the local
authorities decided to dig up sections of the road along Beach Road.
However, weeks have now passed, and there is still no sign of any work
being done to repair this road. Asphalt has been torn away to give way
to dirt roads, which has made life difficult for motorists in that
area especially those trucks operating in the port. Furthermore, this
may also reduce emergency response times.

As Dili has been hit by some rather heavy rains these past weeks,
those dirt roads have been deteriorating quite rapidly, causing an
increase in traffic in a key part of the city as well as putting
motorists (especially those on bikes and bicycles) in some level of

Furthermore, the resulting increase of dust can cause health risks
(notably respiratory) to the local inhabitants of the area. This may
not be of concern to the ema boot that travel in comfortable 4 wheel
drives, but for most Timorese, they must face these health and safety
threats as well as potential economic pressures through potential bike
or car damage caused by poor roads.

The shambles that is Beach Road at moment, which is an arterial road
in Dili, home to many Embassies, also brings shame to our country on
the international stage. This is made even worse by the abundance of
foreign reporters and observers present in the country as a result of
the current electoral cycle. When visiting a foreign country, road
conditions very often leave lasting impressions.

This example of beach road illustrates the regular occurrence of poor
planning by the government when managing infrastructure projects in
this country. Too often infrastructure projects are poorly implemented
and planned and FM hopes that the road discussed as well the countless
other terrible roads elsewhere around the country are repaired rapidly
and properly.

Projetu Loke Kuak- Taka Kuak

Foin dadaun ne’e Fundasaun Mahein publika tia ona relatoriu ida kona
ba seguransa estrada naran (Mahein Nia Lian No.31: Estrada A’at Impede
Seguransa Elesaun). Maibe ami sei hakarak atu halo observasaun ida tan
kona ba topic infra-estrutura estrada. Ita hotu ne’ebe agora dadaun
iha Dili repara ona kondisaun estrada hanesan Beach road, Pantai
Kelapa, nomos estrada iha ponti kais nian sorin.

Derepente deit, iha semana hirak liu ba ne’e Governu deside ke’e
istrada iha Beach road. Maibe semana barak liu tiha ona mais seidauk
iha indikasaun ruma katak estrada hirak ne’ebe Governu ke’e ne’e atu
diak ona. Aspalt hirak iha estrada ne’e ke’e sai tiha ona ne’ebe fo
difikulta boot ida ba motoristas sira iha fatin ne’eba i affeta mos
trek boboot hirak ne’ebe la’o tuir iha estrada ne’e. Nune’e mos
kondisaun estrada iha fatin ne’eba sei affeta autoridade emergensia
sira nia tempu responde.

Husi udan iha cidade Dili semana no fulan hirak liu ba ne’e estrada
hirak ne’ebe mak autoridade sira ke’e ne’e sai a’at liu tan deit, kria
macet ba trafiku nomos fo ameasa ba motoristas ne’ebe hakarak uza
estrada ida ne’e. Husi udan kria mos rai rahun iha estrada ne’ebe fo
ameasa saude ba populasaun hirak ne’ebe hela iha ne’eba. Klaru ke
preukupasaun hirak ne’e la hetan atensaun husi ema bo’ot sira tanba
ida ne’e la affeta sira tanba sira uza kareta luixus. Maibe ba
populsasaun bain-bain estrada a’at hanesan ida ne’e sei estraga sira
nian saude nomos affeta sira nian vida ekonimia tanba estrada hirak
ne’e bele mos estraga sira nian kareta ou motor.

Failansu ida hanesan Beach road ne’e mos halo moe ida ba ita nian
nasaun tanba estrada ne’e estrada prinsipal i korpu diplomata sira uza
beibeik tanba eimbaxa barak iha Pantai Kelapa. Impaktu ba nasaun nian
imagen ne’e bo’ot liu tan iha tempu agora dadaun ne’e tanba agora
dadaun jornalistas internasional barak mak tama iha ita nian rai laran
hodi tuir elesaun presidensial. Baibain ne’e wainhira ita halao vizita
ba nasaun ruma kondisaun estrada ne’e mak ita sei la haluhan.

Exemplu ida hanesan Beach road ne’e hatudu tan dala ida governu nia
habitu a’at ida be’e la hanoin no planu didiak wainhira atu manega
projetu infra-estrutura iha rai ida ne’e. Dala barak ona la planu no
implementa projetu ho didiak. Husi hirak ne’e Fundasaun Mahein appela
ba governu atu fo mos attensaun no hadia lalais estrada a’at barak iha

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