31 March 2012

Police officer assaults a young man

Radio Timor-Leste, January 31, 2012 language source: Tetun - A young man named Joaquim Camelo was seriously injured after being assaulted by a task force police officer, the victim’s brother, Jose Babo said.

The incident happened last Saturday at 8 pm in the down town of Colmera in Dili, he said.

Babo affirmed that they appeared in the House of the Parliament to report the case so that the suspect could be sanctioned. He explained that his younger brother was on his way to Lahane, but the police officer stopped and beat him in Colmera.

MP Duarte Nunes from the Committee B for defense and security said it was a human rights violation if a police officer beat and maltreated civilian.

He said the police’s tasks was to protect their people and not to harm them and said this police officer should be processed legally. He added that the committee B would study the case and would make claims to the Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman (PDHJ), president of the Parliament, prime minister and police general commander to look at the case.

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