31 March 2012

Domin denies allegation by Triloka’s chief of Village

Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, March 28, 2012 language source: Tetun - Aderito “Domin” da Costa has denied the recent allegation made by the Chief of Village of Triloka in the Parliament, saying it is a false allegation against him.

Domin made the statements yesterday in a press conference when he said that he was ready to be responsible for responding to this case in court, because he had never engaged in any act of crime so far. “…..like the chief of village, and also Mr. Afonso, MP from Fretilin bench, and also Mr. Mari’s statements saying that I was the one who threatened people in Triloka village. But I think that this is not clear and this is a false allegation and therefore I am calling on Mr. Mari if he could bring this case to the court. I deny, because the news broadcasted by TVTL last night was not clear and is false information and therefore I do not agree with the information they reported to the National Parliament,” Domin said.

Spokesperson for Domin Isidoro Boavida Maubusa, said that they denied the false information from the chief of village of Triloka. “We deny, because they also engaged in discrimination in Bucoli in Baucau, and they wrote provocative words, there was reaction because something has happened before,” Maubusa said.

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