25 March 2012

Military intimidation in Presidential election campaign

Jornal INDEPENDENTE Wednesday, 21 March 2012 2012 Presidential Elections; “Renan Selak: A lot of our people felt threatened during election because of military uniforms”

Member of the National Parliament and Eastern region Veteran, Faustino dos santos, alias “Renan Selak” says a lot of the populace in the district of Lautem did not freely vote because some candidates for President of the Republic put out election posters with photos of them wearing a military uniform as well as appearing in some newspapers during the election.

During the recent election campaign for President of the Republic there were campaign posters that were publicly displayed of candidate for President of the Republic and former F-FDTL Commander, Taur Matan Ruak and CNRT Party President Xanana Gusmao complete in military uniforms.

MP Renan Selak told parliament he felt ashamed for those who despite having left the military to move into civillian life, but continued to use the army’s military uniform.

Renan Selak said that during the Presidential elections some voters, especially in Lautem district, voted for candidates not because of their free will but because the emergence of the image of military uniforms resulted in all manner of perceptions in their minds.

“Many voters were asking one another, they were scared that if they did not vote for the uniform and it lost, difficult circumstances or a war might arise in our country,” Renan said.

“I do not know about anywhere else, but in my birthplace Lospalos they were disconcerted (tetum/portuguese “atrapalha”) and were asking, if the military are meant to be impartial, why candidate himself for President of the Republic?” questioned Renan Selak.

Renan Selak said that he had also previously dedicated his life to the miliatry for many years, from the time of the resistance until 2002, but when he left the forces, he did not wear his uniform again, because it is the institutions, the defence forces.

Candidate for President of the Republic Fernando Lasama during his campaign recently also questioned the posters publicly displayed by Taur Matan Ruak wering military uniform.

Lasama said that when one wants to be the Head of State then it is better not to be in a military uniform.

“You don’t need to show off in pamflets that way, everyone knows that taur is a former General who was together with Xanana a high ranking former commander,” Lasama said recently during his campaign.


Kuarta, 21 Marsu 2012

Prosesu Eleisaun PR Periodu 2012-2017
“Renan Selak: Povu Barak Sente Ameasdu Iha Eleisaun Tanba Farda Militar”

Membru Parlamentu Nasional no Eis Veteranu Reijaun Ponta Leste, Faustino dos Santos “Renan Selak” hatete populasaun barak iha distritu Lautem la-halo votasaun ho livre tamba kandidatu Prezidenti Repúblika balun uza fali farda militar iha sira nia poster hodi taka iha fatin publiku sira no iha jornal balun iha tempo kampaña.
Iha kampaña ba eleisaun Prezidenti Repúblika foin dadauk ne’e iha Poster Kandidatu Prezidenti Repúblika eis komodante F-FDTL, Taur Matan Ruak, no Prezidenti CNRT, Xanana Gusmao ne’ebe mos kompletu ho farda militar.

Deputadu Renan hateten ba PN horsehik katak, nia senti moe bainhira ema ida sai ona husi militar hodi fila ba moris vida sivil, maibe kontinua utiliza farda instituisaun nian.
Renan Selak dehan, iha eleisaun Prezidensial foin lalais ne’e eleitor balun liu-liu iha Distritu Lautem, balun hili kandidatu sira la ho konsensia tanba prezensa farda militar ne’ebe hamosu presepsaun oi-oin.

“Eleitor barak sira husu ba malu katak, sira tauk bainhira la-hili farda ne’e kuandu lakon karik, sei mosu situasaun a’at iha ita nia rai ka funu ida,” Renan dehan.

“Hau lahatene fatin seluk, mais iha hau nia rain Lospalos sira atrapailha no hatete dehan, se militar ne’e imparsial, nusa mak kandidatu an ba Prezidenti Republika?,” dehan nia (Renan.

Renan dehan, nia mos uluk dedika an iha vida militar durante tinan barak, desde rejistensia to’o ba iha Aileu iha 2002, maibe kuandu nia sai husi forsa, nia la uza ona farda militar, tanba sasan ne’e instituisaun nian, forsa defesa nian.

Ba kestaun ne’e, Iha fatin ketak, Iha kampaña ikus iha Dili, Kandidatu Prezidenti Republika Fernando Lasama mos kritika maka’as Poster Taur Matan Ruak nian, ne’ebe uza farda militar.

Lasama dehan, kuandu hakarak sai xefe Estadu Timor-Leste nian, diak liu hasai tiha farda Militar.

“La Presiza hatudu a’an liu husi panfletu sira hanesan ne’e, tamba ema hotu hatene katak, Taur nudar eis Jeneral ida no Xanana nudar eis Komandante bo’ot ida,” dehan Lasama iha nia kampaña antes ne’e.

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