31 March 2012

Public Prosecution accuses Justice Minister Lobato of engaging inCorruption

Diario Nacional, March 15, 2012 language source: Tetun - Public Prosecution has accused Antonio de Araujo Freitas and the current Justice Minister Lucia Brandao Lobato of engaging in maladministration in the construction project of Conservatory office for Civil Registration in eight districts.

The accusation was declared yesterday at the Dili District Court against Lobato and Freitas, adding that the trial process was presided over by three Prosecutors; namely, Angelina Saldanha, Prosecutor Jose Ximenes and an international Prosecutor Jose Landim.

The referred case was registered in the court with the Criminal Unit Number (NUC) 1663/10. PDDIL.

The court scheduled to try the referred case yesterday but unfortunately they delayed it because the National Parliament has not yet removed Lobato’s political immunity.

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