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01 April 2009

Graves may hold Dili dead

Graves may hold Dili dead - TWENTY-EIGHT years after Timorese families began searching for the remains of loved ones killed in an Indonesian army massacre, 16 bodies have been unearthed by Timorese investigators and experts from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.

If their identities are proven they will be the first bodies found of resisters to Indonesian rule shot down in Dili's Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991. They were discovered in unmarked graves at Hera, 15 kilometres east of the capital, last week. The last of the 16 cadavers was brought to Dili on Monday. Read more...

Image: Jon Sterenberg from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine sits in a possible grave from the Dili massacre. Photo: Jill Jolliffe

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