01 April 2009

UNDP Justice Programme delivers 3000 copies of the CPC to the East Timor Ministry of Justice

In early of March UNDP Justice System Programme delivered 3000 copies of the Civil Procedure Code - in Tetum and Portuguese - to the Ministry of Justice.

At the end of 2008 the Directorate of Human Rights and Citizenship requested the assistance of UNDP to provide additional copies of the book for wider distribution around the country.

In February 2008, the Asia Foundation, through USAID funding, had already printed 300 copies of the CPC to be distributed to national and international court actors.

The plan for 2009 is to have these books distributed to all private lawyers, law students and relevant institutions.

"We would like to thank UNDP for this special support in disseminating the legislation to the citizens of Timor-Leste", stated Dr. Lucas da Costa, Director of Human Rights and Citizenship of the MoJ.
East Timor Legal Information Site

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