16 April 2009

Radio Renaissance Interview with Mari Alkatiri in Lisbon

DOMINGOS PINTO Radio Renascenca - The President of the Republic should dissolve the Timor-Leste Parliament, advocated the opposition leader Mari Alkatiri, in an interview with Radio Renaissance.

Alkatiri says that the Government MPs don't appear in parliament because they are too busy engaged in "their businesses."

"The National Parliament is practically paralyzed.  The Committees don't function because there is no quorum, the plenary does not function because there is no quorum. Its now a matter for the President of the Republic to draw his own conclusions and dissolve parliament," he stated.

The FRETILIN leader spoke of MPs who "spend their time traveling" at the cost of the State, in a climate of "absolute wastefulness, without even the slightest shame."

Mari Alkatiri says during this interview with Radio Renaissance that Timor is immersed in corruption and launches strong criticisms on Xanana Gusmao's Government.

"It is enough to just look at the projects that are handed out.  There is no transparency whatsoever, there are no public tenders.  When they announce something publicaly they think that the announcement itself is already a tender, without terms of reference or anything," he accuses.

The former Prime Minister of Timor-Leste is in Lisbon on a brief stop on his way to Guinea Bissau, as a representative of the Timorese State.

Mari Alkatiri advocates that Guinea Bissau needs national consensus and has to structure itself to receive international support.

The objective of this ten day trip is to share the Timorese experience in common areas, on petroleum exploration, and closely follow the national reconciliation process.

"Guinea Bissau is a country that has lived through a cycle of crisis and there can be no political crisis without economic crisis. We all know that Guinea Bissau is a country with natural resource potential and what is needed is to find ways of extracting these potential resources into riches," says Mari Alkatiri.

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