24 January 2009

Documents Show Admiral Dennis Blair Knew of Timor Church Killings Before Crucial Meeting

US Intel Nominee Lied About Church Murders By ALLAN NAIRN - On the eve of his Senate confirmation hearing (due for 10am, Thurs. Jan 22), new information has emerged showing that Adm. Dennis Blair - President Obama's nominee for US Director of National Intelligence - lied about his knowledge of a terrorist massacre that occured before a pivotal meeting in which Blair offered support and US aid to the commander of the massacre forces.

The massacre took place on at the Liquica Catholic church in Indonesian-occupied East Timor two days before Blair met face-to-face with the Indonesian armed forces commander, Gen. Wiranto (the massacre occurred on April 6, 1999; Blair and Wiranto met April 8).

A classified US cable shows that rather than telling Wiranto to stop the killing, Blair invited Wiranto to be his guest in Hawaii, offered him new US military aid, and told the Indonesian general that he was "working hard" on his behalf, lobbying the US government to restore US military training aid for Indonesia. Read more...

Read an account by a survivor of the massacre at the Catholic church in Liquica in 1999
1999 East Timor Crimes Against Humanity

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