30 January 2009

East Timor Chairs The Asian Group of Nations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Division Media Release 30/01/2009 The Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste to the United Nations this month chaired the Asian Group of nations for the first time ever.

The Chairmanship of the Group rotates monthly among its 53 member states.

Tasks for the Mission included taking responsibility for all communication within the Group and between the Group and the other regional Groups (Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Latin America), organizing and chairing the monthly Group meeting and updating the candidature chart.

H E Ambassador Nelson dos Santos personally chaired the Group's January meeting on the 26th, providing effective leadership. Delegates expressed their satisfaction with the manner in which the chairmanship was conducted at the end of the meeting.

Timor-Leste successfully led the Group in endorsing several of its members as candidates for various committees and commissions within the UN system.

Despite the relative newness of the Mission to the UN system, it handled the extra responsibilities well and has set the foundation for taking on chairmanships and other projects in future.

For more information please contact: Ms Josefina Tilman: email: jtilman@timor-leste.un.org or

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