15 January 2009

UN appoints Portuguese Police Commissioner to the United Nations Mission in East Timor

14 January 2009 ISRIA - The UN announced today the appointment of the Portuguese Police Superintendent Luis Carrilho as Police Commissioner of the United Nations Mission in East -Timor (UNMIT) whose candidacy had previously been put forward by Portugal.

The UNMIT was created in August 2006 due to the instability and violence that had taken hold of East-Timor. Its objectives concern the reestablishment of political dialogue, national reconciliation, the promotion of Human Rights, Democracy, peace keeping, security and public order. This mission comprises about two thousand international officers, including 1556 police staff and 32 liaison officers. The main contributors are Portugal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Apart from the civil staff, Portugal is actively engaged in this mission with 3 military observers and 191 police force members (GNR, PSP and SEF, including a Police Composed Unit).

The appointment of Police Commissioner Luis Carrilho means the acknowledgement by the UN of Portugal's engagement in the stability of East-Timor. Police Commissioner Luís Carrilho, 42, is a highly experienced officer in international missions. His prior experience in East–Timor (Chief of Staff to the UNO Civil Police Commissioner and spokesman to the UNTAET Civil Police Civil in 2001) may have played a significant role in his appointment. He was previously posted in New York as liaison officer to the UNTAET Civil Police of the United Nations, in 2000, and in Zagreb and Sarajevo from 1996 to 1998 as instructor and later Commanding Officer of the United Nations Civil Police Training Centre. Commissioner Luís Carrilho was currently the Head of Security Services at the President's Office, in Lisbon.


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