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31 January 2009

Voting in the East Timor National Parliament on the 2009 Budget Law

IV Constiutional Government Office of the Prime Mnister Department of Social Communications Dili, 30 January 2009 - Information on the final approval of the 2009 General State Budget in the National Parliament:

40 Votes in Favour 20 Votes Against 4 Abstentions Total: 64

There are 65 Members of the National Parliament. However, Deputy Manual Tilman from the Democratic Alliance (KOTA/PPT) was not in attendance.

Deputies in favour of the 2009 General State Budget:

Deputies from the AMP Block: 39

Deputy from PPT (Jacob Xavier)

Total: 40

Deputies who voted against: 20

Total Deputies from the Fretilin Bench: 21, (1 Fretilin Deputy abstained).

Deputies who abstained: 4 (3 from the National Unity Party and Fretilin Deputy Cipriana Pereira).
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