17 January 2009

UNMIT Security Sector Support in East Timor 2008

UNMIT Security Sector Support - Early in 2008, the Security Sector Review Project was signed between the UN and the Government of Timor-Leste. This document outlined the support that the UN would provide to the comprehensive review of the security sector initiated by the Government of Timor-Leste.

A number of activities were undertaken last year by the Security Sector Support Unit (SSSU) to support the strengthening national institutions. The Unit initiated assistance for a nationwide survey to be conducted on perceptions of security threats and of the security sector in general.

On 11-12 December, the Government hosted a Security Sector Reform and Development Seminar supported by the UN. This seminar brought together a range of diverse national and international actors to discuss topics such as national security legislation and policy and was an important step in developing a consensus vision on what Timor-Leste wants to achieve in the security sector.

The SSSU also provided assistance to the Government in drafting key legislation such as the national security law, the national defence law and the internal security law. Similarly, it supported the Government process on developing the Timor-Leste National Security Policy during the 8 -12 September National Security Policy Workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii. Another achievement was the training for the Seguran├ža Civil conducted by the French Cooperation on behalf of the UN Security Sector Review Project. UNMIT also held extensive community outreach meetings in all districts. At these meetings, participants called for greater training and logistical support for PNTL, both from PNTL officers themselves and community representatives as well as for greater access to justice.

Source: http://unmit.unmissions.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=DaJrQ62buZo%3d&tabid=221&mid=637

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