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30 January 2009

East Timor Legal News 28-29 January 2009

East Timor Judicial System Monitoring Program Urges Government to translate all laws into Tetum Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 29 January 2009 - The Acting Director of the East Timor Judicial System Monitoring (JSMP), Casmiro dos Santos, has urged the Timorese Government to translate all of the laws of East Timr into Tetun because all of the legislation was only published in the Portuguese language which the vast majority of the population can not understand.

Legal process slow in 2008, says JSMP Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 29 January 2009 - The Acting Director of the East Timor Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP), Casimiru dos Santos, said that based on the findings of a report prepared by JSMP, the legal processes in 2008 in East Timor were too slow due to a lack of human resources in the courts.

Good bye judge Ivo Rosa Suara Timor Lorosae 29 January 2009 - The Timorese Council of Magistrates has made a decision to not prolong the contract for international Judge Ivo Rosa Baptista from Portugal.

East Timor receives US$37 million from donors Timor Post 29 January 2009 - Minister for Infrastructures, Pedro Lay, said his ministry had received a huge amount of money from donors to help resolve infrastructure problems being faced by the country.

World Vision and Youth Peace Club hold training on conflict transformation Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 29 January 2009 - Training facilitator, Nelson Correira, has called on youth and community members to participate in the country's national development by avoiding bad behaviors that have occurred in the country.

East Timor Electricity Authority Chief of power production denies allegation of power sabotage Timor Post 29 January 2009 - EDTL Chief of Power production, Antonio Soares, has denied allegations made by State Secretary for Electricity, Januario Pereira, that EDTL technicians had deliberately wanted to sabotage power during the debate of the general state budget in the Parliament.

Deploying F-FDTL soldiers in border zone is positive: political analyst Suara Timor Lorosae 29 January 2009 - The Government's plan to deploy the Timorese Defence Force (F-FDTL) soldiers along the border zone is good to strengthen relationship between the F-FDTL solders and Indonesian armed forces (TNI) soldiers, says Timorese Military and Political Analyst, Franquelino Freitas. Freitas said the deployment of the soldiers in the border was not a threat to neighboring countries, yet as a democratic country, East Timor needed to keep maintaining security.

LABEH urges Govt to take necessary action to former director for Timor Sea Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 28 January 2009 - Director for LABEH, a national antic-corruption NGO, Christopher Henry Samson, has urged the Government, mainly the state secretary for mineral and natural resource, Alfredo Pires, to take a necessary action against the former director of the Timor Sea Authority and its financial manager, as they were suspected of being involved in corruption.

Youth Parliament representatives meet with Prime Minister Gusmao Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 28 January 2009 - The Timorese Youth Parliament has presented Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao with a report on the plan to set up district assemblies and for holding the first district congress at the Palace of the Government.

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