10 January 2009

East Timor Crime Statistics 2008

Source: UNMIT

1. Crime statistics

•The overall threat assessment for Timor-Leste at present is that the situation remains generally calm and manageable

• Police adopted a proactive community policing approach to build trust and rapport with the public and also actively engaged key political stake holders. This has largely brought down the number of martial arts gang-related incidents.

•There were a total of numbers of 3,094 crime incidents in 2008.

• Compared with 2007 (2,825 incidents), 2008 marked a slight increase in the number of reported crime incidents due to effective mechanism for reporting, specifically a difference of 269 incidents or less than 1%.

•The largest numbers of crime in 2008 were assault, public disorder and domestic dispute.


Anonymous said...

The increase is actually around 10%, not 1%

Editor said...

Its no wonder East Timor is burning and crashing with UNMIT unable even to do simple math let alone contibute to nation building!