15 January 2009

Search for escaped illegal immigrants in Indonesia includes patrols on border with East Timor

ETLJB 15 January 2009 SYDNEY – Eighteen illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Burma have escaped from an Indonesian detention facility.

The illegal immigrants overpowered their guards and fled. A spokesman for the Justice Ministry in Jakarta said that they were picked up by getaway vehicles waiting outside the detention centre in Kupang in Nusa Tenggara Timur province on the island of Timor.

Police and immigration authorities launched a province-wide search for the escapees that included patrols along the border with East Timor.

Update: Three of the Afghans and one Pakistani have now been found dead washed up on a beach in West Timor, Indonesia. Nine others have been recaptured alive including five Burmese and four Afghans. A nine-year-old Afghan boy is among the five who remain free.
1999 East Timor Crimes Against Humanity - Accounts of human rights abuses in Timor-Leste.

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