15 January 2009

Speech by Prime Minister Gusmao on the Draft 2009 State Budget Law

National Parliament 14 January 2009 Speech by His Excellency the Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao on the occasion of the presentation of the bill for the general state budget 2009 - We are here today in this Great House to present the 2009 State Budget and Plan, as well as to clarify and discuss, in this National Parliament, all questions put to us, within a truly democratic and accountable spirit, meeting our institutional goal of making this proposal as aligned as possible with national needs and priorities.

The 2009 State General Budget responds to the urgent needs of the Country: to accelerate administrative and legal processes leading to national reconstruction and to the reduction of poverty, to enhance economic growth and to enhance national development.

Read the full speech on East Timor Law Journal (.pdf file)

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