20 June 2009

Critique of Land Dispute Mediation Proposal in East Timor

2004 ETLJ 10 Some Observations on the Report on Research Findings and Policy Recommendaitons for a Legal Framework for Land Dispute Mediation Prepared by the TImor Leste Land Law Program 08 April 2004

The East Timor Land Law Program is being implemented by ARD Inc., the National University of Timor Lorosa'e and the National Directorate of Land and Property. The LLP is conducting various researches to provide reports and recommendations to the Government of East Timor on land policy options and land legislation.

The complexity of the land problems in East Timor can not be underestimated and is a central policy issue critical for the maintenance of the civil peace, economic development, the guarantee of the basic right to land and opportunities to right as many injustices that occurred in relation to land under the Indonesian occupation as possible. The Land Law Program is considering problems such as land taxation and valuation, the administration and leasing of State land, land held by foreigners, and expropriation. Read the full article on East Timor Law Journal

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