18 June 2009

East Timor: Reintegration process from Metinaro IDP camp begins

Ministry of Social Solidarity Press Release 16 June 2009 Reintegration process from Metinaro IDP camp begins - On 16 June 2009, the Minister of Social Solidarity, Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves, held a press conference at Metinaro IDP camp to announce the commencement of the reintegration process from the camp. More than 700 families have signed the socialization papers accepting the amount of recovery package they will receive upon leaving the camp. These families will start returning to their homes from the camp on 17 June 2009.

The Minister of Social Solidarity thanked the Camp Manager, Angelo Pereira, for his work in the camp over the past three years. She also thanked IOM for providing Metinaro camp with humanitarian assistance, and Plan for their water and sanitation support. The Minister also expressed her gratitude to the Acting SRSG, Finn Reske-Nielsen, for the assistance of UNMIT and UNPol during the humanitarian phase and also during the reintegration process of each of the camps. “I would like to thank the IDPs, receiving communities, all our partners, and PNTL for helping MSS to successfully implement the National Recovery Strategy and ensuring that IDPs have been able to peacefully reintegrate into their communities. Within slightly more than one year, working together, we will have managed to close all 65 IDP camps. I sincerely hope that after the closure of Metinaro camp, the situation in all the receiving communities will continue to remain stable, and that all of you can help contribute to the development of Timor-Leste.”

The camp manager, Angelo Pereira, thanked MSS for its work in the camp, but explained that there are still more than 200 families from the camp who are experiencing problems in regard to the payment of their recovery packages, and called on MSS to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. He also asked the government to facilitate children in the camp to transfer from their schools in Metinaro to schools in Dili.

Acting UNMIT SRSG, Finn Reske-Nielsen congratulated MSS, the MSS/UNDP Dialogue Teams, the IDPs, and the receiving communities. “The closing of Metinaro IDP camp, the last IDP camp remaining in Timor-Leste, is highly symbolic of Timor-Leste’s engagement towards a bright and peaceful future.” He emphasized the need for reconciliation, security, access to livelihoods and basic services and housing in order to that ensure that the reintegration of the IDPs into the receiving communities is sustainable. “In this regard, the UN family continues to strongly support the Government and will implement programs that will contribute to the stability in communities of high return by upgrading community infrastructures, developing cash for work opportunities that will benefit both the community and the returnees.”

The Dili District Commander of the PNTL, Pedro Belo, informed the residents of Metinaro camp that, following the successful dialogue in Suco Camea on 12 June, the PNTL has already set up two new police posts in Suco Camea. He explained that the PNTL provides security to everyone, including the returning IDPs and the receiving communities, and encouraged people to live peacefully alongside one another and work together to develop and create stability in Timor-Leste.

As a result of the 2006 crisis, more than 150,000 people fled their homes and 65 IDP camps in Dili, Baucau and Ermera were established. Metinaro is the last of the 65 IDP camps to close. The return of the IDPs from Metinaro camp will bring the total number of IDP families who have received a recovery or reintegration package under the Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru National Recovery Strategy to more than 13,500.


MINISTÉRIO DA SOLIDARIEDADE SOÇIAL Komunikadu de Imprensa 16 Junu 2009 Prosesu Reintegrasaun husi Kampu IDP Metinaro komesa

Iha loron 16 Junu 2009, Ministra Solidariedade Sosial, Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves, halo konferensia de imprensa iha kampu IDP Metinaro atu fo hatene katak prosesu reintegrasaun husi kampu atu komesa. Familia 700 resin assina tiha ona kata sira asseita pakote rekuperasaun ne’ebe sira atu simu depois sira sai husi kampu. Familia sira ne’e sei komesa fila fali ba sira nia uma iha loron 17 Junu 2009.

Ministra Solidariedade Sosial fo agradece ba Kamp Manajer, Angelo Pereira, ba nia serbisu iha kampu durante tinan tolu liu ba. Nia mos fo obrigada ba IOM ba sira nia assistensia umanitaria, no mos ba Plan ba sira nia apoiu bee no saneamentu. Ministra mos fo nia agradece ba Acting SRSG, Finn Reske-Nielsen, ba assistensia UNMIT no UNPol durante faze umanitaria no mos durante prosesu reintegrasaun husi kampu hotu. “Hau hakarak fo obrigada ba dezlokadu sira, ba komunidade ne’ebe simu sira, no mos ba ami nia parseiru hotu ba sira nia ajuda ba MSS atu implementa ho susesu Estratejia Rekuperasaun Nasional, no mos atu assegura kata dezlokadu sira hotu bele reintegra iha komunidade ho paz. Durante tinan ida resin uitoan deit, tamba ita hotu serbisu hamutuk, ita hetan susesu atu taka kampu IDP 65. Hau espera katak, depois kampu Metinaro taka, situasaun iha komunidade sira ne’ebe atu simu dezlokadu sira bele kontinua ho estabalidade, no ita hotu bele kontribui ba dezenvolvimentu Timor-Leste.”

Kamp Manajer, Angelo Pereira, fo obrigada ba MSS ba sira nia serbisu iha kampu, maibe nia explika katak sei iha familia 200 resin ne’ebe sei iha problema kona ba sira nia pakote rekuperasaun, i nia husu MSS atu resolve problema sira ne’e iha tempu lailais. Nia mos husu governu atu fasilita labarik sira ne’ebe hela iha kampu atu transfera husi sira nia escola sira iha Metinaro ba escola sira iha Dili.

Acting UNMIT SRSG, Finn Reske-Nielsen fo parabens ba MSS, MSS/UNDP nia Equipa Dialogu, dezlokadu sira, no komunidade ne’ebe simu sira. “Taka kampu deslokadu Metinaro, kampu deslokadu ikus liu nebe sei iha Timor-Leste, hanesan símbolo nebe aas tebes ba Timor Leste nia dalan ba hasoru futuru nebe naroman no nakonu ho dame.” Nia fo hanoin kona ba presiza ba rekonsiliasaun, seguransa, asesu ba buka moris loron-loron nian no servisu báziku no uma atu assegura dezlokadu sira nia reintegrasaun ba komunidade sira maka sustentavel. “Tanba ne’e, familia boot ONU sei servisu besik liu tan ho Governo atu alvu inisiativa sira nebe bele kontribui ba estabilidade iha komunidade retornu, atu fo benefisiu ba komunidade no mos retornu sira.”

Komandante PNTL Distritu Dili, Pedro Belo, informa residente kampu Metinaro katak, tamba dialogu iha Suco Camea iha loron 12 Junu lao ho susesu, PNTL hari’i tiha ona postu polisi rua foun iha Suco Camea. Nia explika katak PNTL fo seguransa ba ema hotu, ba maluk sira ne’ebe fila no mos ba komunidade, i nia husu ema atu hela ho malu hakmatek no atu serbisu hamutuk atu dezenvolve ita nia rai no mos atu kria estabilidade diak ba ita nia rai.

Tamba krize 2006, ema 150,000 halai husi sira nia uma no hari’i kampu 65 iha Dili, Baucau no Ermera. Metinaro maka kampu ikus liu husi kampu IDP 65 atu taka. Ho familia ne’ebe atu fila ba uma hosi kampu Metinaro agora total familia ne’ebe maka simu pakote rekuperasaun ka reintegrasaun tuir programa Hamutuk Hari’i Futuru maka uma kain 13,500 resin.

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Anonymous said...

The closure of Metinaro IDP in Timor-Leste is indeed a significant step towards a durable solution for IDPs in Timor-Leste. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that there are still 2100 displaced persons in 4 transitional shelters sites in Dili.
The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), as the camp manager of the sites, is giving advice and support to the Government of Timor-Leste, through the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS), in order to identify possible options for those families. Despite the very good efforts of the government, it is too early to call the IDP issue as completely solved. These cases may still
require some time before a durable solution have been found.

My best regards,

Alfredo Zamudio,
Country director
Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Timor-Leste
E-mail: c-director@easttimor.nrc.no
Phone: +(670) 733-0059