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09 June 2009

East Timor Government Publishes First Land Data Collection Results

Press Release 04 June 2009 National Directorate for Land, Property and Cadastral Services (DNTPSC), Timor-Leste TIMOR LESTE'S GOVERNMENT LAUNCHES FIRST PUBLIC DIPSLAY OF LAND CLAIMS

Today the Minister of Justice, Lucia Lobato, and the Director of the National Directorate for Land, Property and Cadastral Services (DNTPSC), Antonio Verdial de Sousa, launched the public display of the pilot land data collection areas in the towns of Liquica and Manatuto.

The land data and claims collection process was authorized by the Minister of Justice in Ministerial Decree 229/2008 of 1 July 2008. This decree also requires the DNTPSC to publish all the data gathered for a minimum period of 30 days. In the pilot areas, the DNTPSC has decided on a public display period of six weeks, beginning on the 5th of June 2009 and closing on the 17th of July.

The areas which will be included in this public display period are:

- Liquica District: Sub-District of Liquica, Suco Data, Aldeia Leopa; and

- Manatuto District: Sub-District of Manatuto, Suco Maabat, Aiteas, Sau, and Ailili; Aldeia Maabat, Bi'uac, Sau, and Ailili.

Public display is a critical process that guarantees the transparency of the land claims collected, since it provides an opportunity for the public to verify all the land claims that were collected at the community level. During the public display period, a new claim can be made, or a counter-claim can be made to dispute another claim. Once the public display period has closed, new claims and counter-claims will no longer be accepted in the closed areas.

During the public display period, land maps and the name and photograph of each claimant can be found at 4 levels: locally in the relevant aldeia or suco; at the district DNTPSC and Ita Nia Rai offices; nationally at the DNTPSC headquarters in Bebora, Dili; and internationally via the Ministry of Justice’s webpage, at: http://www.mj.gov.tl/pt/index.php?p=55.

According to Decree 229/2008, once the public display period has closed for an area, the data will be considered official, and the Government may use this information as the basis for land titling according to the forthcoming Transitional Land Law.

This initative is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the ‘Ita Nia Rai’ (“Our Land”) program, a five-year, $10 million dollar project that is supporting the DNTPSC and the Ministry of Justice to develop a land administration framework for independent Timor-Leste. - ENDS -

Komunikado iha : 04 Junu 2009, Direçcão Nacional Terras, Propriedades e Serviços Cadastrais (DNTPSC) Timor – Leste.


Ohin loron, 4 Junu 2009, Ministra da Justiça, Dra. Lucia Lobato, no Director Direçcão Nacional de Terras, Propriedades e Serviços Cadastrais (DNTPSC), Antonio Verdial de Sousa, halo lansamentu ba programa publikasaun mapa rai-nian ba area pilotu rua iha Distritu Manatutu no Distritu Liquica.

Levantamentu de dadus kona-ba rai no na’in ba rai autorizada husi Ministra da Justiça liu husi Dekretu Ministerial N. 229/2008 de 1 Julhu 2008. Dekretu ida ne’e fó mandatu ba DNTPSC atu hala’o publikasaun dadus ne’ebe rekolhe tiha ona. Prazu minimal ba publikasaun ne’e maka loron 30; iha area pilotu DNTPSC sei loke dadus ba publiku durante semana 6, husi 5 Junu to’o 17 Julhu 2009.

Area ne’ebe sei inklui iha prosesu ne’e maka:

- Distritu Liquica, Sub-Distritu Liquica, Suco Data, Aldeia Leopa; no

- Distritu Manatuto, Sub-Distritu Manatuto, Suco Maabat, Aiteas, Sau, no Ailili; Aldeia Maabat, Bi’uac, Sau, no Ailili.

Publikasaun hanesan prosesu kritiku hodi garantia transparensia, tanba fo oportunidade ba populasaun atu verifika dadus ne’ebe foti iha nivel local. Durante tempu ne’e, ema sei bele hato’o deklarasaun foun ida, no mos bele hatama reklamasaun, ne’ebe hanesan disputa ida kontra ema seluk nia deklarasaun. Bainhira publikasaun hotu ona, ema sei labele hatama deklarasaun foun ka halo reklamasaun ba ema seluk nia deklarasaun iha area ne’ebe refere.

Durante tempu publikasaun, mapa ho lista deklarante sei bele hetan iha nivel 4: nivel local (iha aldeia ka suco), nivel distrital iha DNTPSC ka Ita Nia Rai, nivel nasional iha sede DNTPSC, no iha nivel internasional liu husi website Ministério da Justiça nian, iha: http://www.mj.gov.tl/pt/index.php?p=55.

Tuir Dekretu 229/2008, bainhira tempu publikasaun remata, dadus sei ofisializa hodi aban bainrua, Governu bele uza atu fó sai titulu ba rai.

Aktividade ne’e mak hetan apoio husi Agensia Amerikana ba Dezenvolvimentu Internasaional (USAID), liu husi programa “Ita Nia Rai”. Programa ne’e ho durasaun tinan lima no orsamentu $10 milloes tulun Direçcão Nacional Terras, Propriedades e Serviços Cadastrais (DNTPSC) no Ministério da Justiça hodi dezenvolve sistema administrasaun rai iha Timor-Leste.

- Remata -

For more information, please contact Jose Caetano Guterres, Manager for Public Information and Awareness, on 7304325, or JCaetano@sprtl.tl.

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