22 June 2009

Timor-Leste At Risk from Foreign Pedophiles

21 June 2009 Tempo Semanal Internet Edition - A German man aged approximately 80 years old "ai tongkat man" is alleged to have tried to have sexual relations with an "ai leva" boy that was selling his fruits and vegetable in the streets of Dili.

A police officer told Tempo Semanal that, "the police has arrested an 80 year old German who has tried to give between 10-20USD to have sex with an "ai leva" boy last night (21/06).

The German is apparently a resident of Thailand staying in a hotel and has been charged with sex assault. "We are watching him very closely."

When Tempo Semanal asked how the authorities discovered the case the source said, "this is not the only boy as he has got several other boys already."

On 16/06 police arrested a Brasilian who has been accused having relation with 4 under age girls.

Other stories of pedophiles in Timor.



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