20 June 2009

Peace for Children: Declaration from Knua Hakiak

Peace for Children Declaration from Knua Hakiak (Creche) Fokupers - On this day, 1 June 2009, national children's day, as parents of children at Knua Hakiak (Creche or Childcare Center) Fokupers and Fokupers' staff, we are releasing this declaration to express both our understanding of and commitment to teaching our children about peace.
We understand that :

- When parents or other adults that children trust hit their children or commit other acts of violence against children, the children learn that violence is normal and that they do not have rights;

- When children personally witness domestic violence, they are traumatized and can learn that violence is an acceptable avenue to resolve problems;

- When children watch movies that glorify violence or other kinds of violent programs or when children are given war toys (like guns or knives), they learn that war is exciting and that their culture values war and violence.

Because of our understanding described above, starting on this day, we will carry out a strong campaign in our crèche Knua Hakiak, in our homes and also in our community about CHILDREN AND PEACE.

We also declare that we are deeply committed to the following:

We will start from within ourselves individually to reflect on these issues, to learn more, and to confront what we have learned from past experiences including during the Indonesian occupation. Thus, we can better control our own anger. We will use calm and peaceful methods and language which will not hurt children’s self-confidence, threaten or insult;

We will not hit or use other forms of violence against children, including verbal violence such as calling children “stupid”. We will try to teach others to do the same, to find peaceful ways to communicate with children. There are different peaceful ways to teach children, ways that respect their rights and teach them about peace;

We will not allow children to witness violence between adults within our families or community but will instead give good examples to our children about how to resolve conflicts non-violently;

We will not buy war toys or films that glorify war and we will explain to our children why we don't like these kinds of toys or films. We will identify and learn more about toys, games and films that value and teach about peace.
Deklarasaun Dame ba Labarik husi Knua Hakiak (Creche) Fokupers

Ohin loron, 1 Junu 2009, loron internasional ba labarik sira, ami inan-aman husi labarik sira iha Knua Hakiak (Creche) Fokupers nian no staf Fokupers, fo sai deklarasaun ida ne’e hodi hato’o ami nia komprensaun no mos ami nia komitmentu hodi hanorin ami nia oan sira kona ba dame no oinsa bele hadook-an husi violensia.
Ami rekonhese katak :

-Bainhira inan-aman ka adultu seluk ne’ebe labarik fiar baku ka halo violensia ruma ba labarik, labarik ne’e sei aprende katak violensia mak normal no katak nia la iha direitu;

- Bainhira labarik haree rasik violensia domestika, labarik hetan trauma duni no bele aprende katak violensia mak dalan ida hodi resolve problema;

- Bainhira labarik haree filme funu nian ka programa ne’ebe iha violensia barak ka bainhira labarik hetan brinkedus ka sasan funu nian (hanesan kilat ka surik), labarik aprende katak halo funu mak kapas duni no katak ninia kultura fo valor ba funu no violensia;

Tamba ami rekonhese buat ne’ebe iha leten, hahu hosi ohin loron, ami halo kampanya makaas iha creche ka Knua Hakiak, iha amni nia uma laran no mos iha komunidade kona ba LABARIK NO DAME.

Ami mos deklara katak ami iha komitmentu metin hodi:

- Komesa husi ami ida-idak, halo refleisaun no buka hatene liu tan no halo luta hodi konfronta buat ne’ebe ami aprende husi esperensia ho funu no violensia hodi ami bele kontrola an bainhira hirus. No ami sei uza manera laran kmanek no lia fuan dame nian laos hasai labarik nia fiar an ho ameaza no insultu sira;

- La baku ka halo violensia seluk ba labarik hanesan hateten liafuan beikten ba labarik no koko hanorin ema seluk atu mos halo hanesan ne’e hodi la baku ka halo violensia seluk ba labarik. Iha manera oin seluk hodi hanorin labarik sira, maneira ne’ebe respeta sira nia direitu no hanorin labarik ba dame;

- La husik labarik haree violensia entre adultu sira halo iha familia ka komunidade maibe fo ezemplu diak ba labarik sira konaba oinsa resolve konflitu la ho violensia;

La hola tan brinkedu ka filme funu nian ne’ebe konsedeira funu hanesan buat diak no esplika ba labarik sira tanba sa ita la gosta jogo ka brinkedu ka filme funu nian. Ami atu identifika no aprende kona ba jogo no brinkedu no filme sira ne’ebe fo valor no hanorin ba dame.

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