06 June 2009

Employment Law Attorney

In today's climate of economic uncertainty with many thousands of workers losing their jobs, employees need to be ever more vigilant about their rights at work as well as being able to access the best information and legal advice when problems arise in the workplace.

If you are a victim of harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination in your work place or are involved in contract disputes with your employer, your rights are protected by the law. Only a qualified employment law attorney can properly advise and represent you in such cases.

At the federal level, where employment law can be even more complex, it is essential to ensure that your lawyer has the necessary expertise as a federal employment lawyer. Alan Lescht & Associates, P.C. is a leading employment law firm that routinely represents federal government employees in disputes including discipline, removal or federal employment discrimination.

Alan Lescht is an experienced EEO lawyer in Washington, D.C. and throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia with a strong track record in the recovery of compensation on behalf of employees whose rights at work have been violated. The firm has taken nearly 60 cases to trial and has achieved multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for workers.

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