21 June 2009

East Timor Land Law - Indonesian Basic Agrarian Law of 1960

Indonesia Basic Agrarian Law No 5 of 1960 ETLJB 21 June 2009 SYDNEY - During the illegal occupation of East Timor by Indonesia between 1975 and 1999, some 40000 land rights were created pursuant to the Basic Agrarian Law. Portuguese colonial land rights were abolished and those that existed at the time of the application of the Basic Agrarian Law in East Timor were converted into the Indonesian statutory titles.

Now, the East Timor government is proposing a new transitional land law for the country to regulate land ownership. To appreciate the changes that will be rendered by that law, ETLJB is publishing this English tranlsation of the applicable land law in East Timor; namely, the Indonesian Basic Agrarian Law of 1960 - as modified by the laws and decree-laws enacted by the East Timorese state sovereign organs since the restoration of independence on 20 May 2002.

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