18 June 2009

East Timor Public Building Security Guards Complete Training

Dili Timor-Leste 15 June 2009 Ceremony marks completion of training for the DNSEP Guards from the National Directorate for the Security of Public Buildings receive their certificates from Secretary of State for Security Dr Francisco Guterres

On the morning of 2nd June 2009, a closing ceremony was held at the DNSEP Building in Caicoli to mark the completion of a two month training program. This training had been jointly sponsored by the governments of France and Australia, the European Commission, UNDP and UNMIT, and accordingly representatives of all the donors spoke at the opening of the ceremony. Following this the Secretary of State awarded special certificates to the 59 members of the DNSEP who had completed this training course. There was a demonstration of skills by the guards to close the ceremony.

This cooperative training project ran from 14th April to the 30th May, during which time two groups of 24 basic recruits were trained, in addition to 11 instructors. The day-to-day training was carried out by three members of the Security Service of the French Ministry of Interior, and an inspector from the Timor-Leste Police Development Program. The aim was to professionalise the Directorate, of approximately 800 members, and improve its capacity to carry out its duties. In addition to providing security and control of access to buildings and public administration facilities, it is has also been tasked by law to draw up security plans for these facilities, to coordinate vehicle access, ensure the security of public administration meetings, and to collaborate with police facilities where required.

Through a combination of physical exercises and on-the-job monitoring, the international trainers worked alongside the newly qualified DNSEP instructors to ensure their ability to pass on skills to guards in their 11 different districts. With the aid of a handbook put together during this course, the DNSEP will have a model from which to conduct further training in the coming months and years.


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