06 August 2011

Council of Ministers Meeting of August 3, 2011




Council of Ministers Meeting of August 3, 2011

This Wednesday, August 3, 2011, the Council of Ministers met at the Council of Ministers meeting room in the Government Palace, Díli, and approved:

1. Decree-Law that approves the second amendment to the Rules for Competition, Recruitment, Selection and Promotion of Staff for Public Administration

The Council of Ministers approved the Decree-Law approving the second amendment to the Rules for Competition, Recruitment, Selection and Promotion of Staff for Public Administration, which states that those with term contracts who have completed at least six months of that same contract, at the date of June 30th 2011, are to be integrated in the public administration career.

2. Decree-Law that approves the PNTL Regulation on Discipline

Taking into account the need to change the PNTL Disciplinary Regulations to correct some inaccuracies, as well as the explanation of concepts, adapting them to the tétum language, and taking into account that the number of changes was significant, the Council of Ministers chose to repeal Decree-Law No. 13/2004 of June 16th and approve this new Diploma. It is intended that this change results in a better interpretation and application.

The Council of Ministers had also the opportunity to analyze:

1. Progress Report "Suai Supply Base"

The Secretariat of State for Natural Resources presented a report, conducted by the Eastlog company, on a joint feasibility study for construction and operation of a logistics supply base in Suai.

This study was done by two teams, technical and commercial, in order to analyze its technical and commercial potential. The site is feasible and, despite the investment, will bring plenty of benefits, including to the community, since it may develop several types of services.

As presented, it would be a point of investment attraction because of its proximity to the port, would develop a series of infrastructures, especially in terms of transport, it is estimated that job creation would increase exponentially, as well as industrial activity and, among other hypotheses, the possibility of selling industrial land will also allow for a rapid return on investment made by the Government.

2. Consolidated Public Procurement Legal Regime

The Council of Ministers heard the presentation, by the Ministry of Finance, on the Decree-Law about Public Procurement of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, which codifies all relevant and still current decrees into one sole law.

The Diploma retains the essence of the existing law, defines the steps to follow and the methods to be used in procurement activities, reinforcing the quality / cost ratio. This becomes part of, and is set in the procurement procedures contained in the standard documents and forms for tenders and contracts.

3. Strategic Plan for Social Rehabilitation Services

The Strategic Plan for Social Rehabilitation Services, presented today at the Meeting of Council of Ministers, integrates information about the legal system of Timor-Leste, methodologies for the intervention of the National Directorate of Prison Services and Probation, of the Ministry of Justice, and examples related to interventional practices in the social reintegration of offenders.

The purpose of this plan is the definition of strategic policy decisions in this sector and the development and implementation of methodologies that allow work for public services to respond to legal requirements regarding the execution of punishments and measures, with or without deprivation of liberty.

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