23 August 2011

Government acts to close down martial art clubs

East Timor Legal News 22/08/2011 Source Suara Timor Lorosae 22 August 2011 language source: Tetun - Commission of Martial Arts Regulator (KRAM) decided on Friday (19/8) to close down martial art clubs in the districts.

The decision was made following the recent violence in Zumalai involving the local martial art clubs' members.

Acting President of KRAM Teofilho Thomas de Deus said starting from Monday (22/8) all martial art clubs' activities in the district were halted provisionally.

The commission will take a strong action against the martial art clubs if their members were found guilty, he said. :

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Anonymous said...

what martial arts are stopping you should stop loads of martial arts stop loads of them but keep a few to learn coz people anit got money violents some people are narsty with it and its not good to have money