10 August 2011

People should wait for final decision from the Appellate Court

East Timor Legal News 01/08/2011 Source: Suara Timor Lorosae - It is important for all the people to wait for the final decision from the Appellate Court, regarding the case of Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues, Jose Luis Guterres.

Public Defender, Sergio Hornai, made the statements because the Appellate Court is now analysing the case and will make its decision in due course.

"We all should wait because this case has been submitted to the Appellate Court and the process of analysing this case is going on, therefore all the people should wait the decision from the Appellate Court President," Hornai said.

The Director of the Timorese Human Rights Association (HAK) Rui Viegas Vicente said that the court will make a fair decision for this case as it is part of the promotion and seriousness of implementing judicial system in the country.

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