06 August 2011

“New Omnibus Procurement Law, Rules, Regulations and New Standard Forms documents” workshop

03/08/2011 17:06h - On 25 and 26 July, the Ministry of Finance held a consultation workshop, called “New Omnibus Procurement Law, Rules, Regulations and New Standard Forms documents”. The Minister of Finance, Emília Pires, opened the event attended by government directors general, private sector representatives, civil society representatives, Catholic Church, development partners and international agencies representatives, such as World Bank, Bank Mandiri, AusAID, JICA, BNU, ANZ and UNDP.

The objective of the workshop was to gather and share ideas and suggestions towards consolidating several procurement decree laws since 2005 into one consolidated comprehensive decree law that will be presented to the COM for further debate and approval.

In the event, Minister Pires underlined the importance of the standardization  of tender and public contracts documents using two envelope system  such as   value for money  which emphasizes on quality, the cost and time.

This decree law was developed from the 12 existing decree laws, such as: Decree law no. 10/2005, Decree law no. 11/2005, Decree law no. 12/2005, Decree law no.14/2006, Decree law no.24/2008, Decree law no.1/2010, Decree law no.2/2010, Decree law no.3/2010, Decree law no.14/2010, Decree Law no.14/2011, Decree law no.15/2011, Decree law no.18/2011.

The new consolidated decree law aims at simplifying the rules and will provide sound guidelines, more competences and responsibilities to the line ministries in order to best utilize the resources according to the needs of the ministry through a Ministerial Diploma. Once approved by the COM the decree law will be disseminated immediately countrywide to ensure that everybody is able to comply with the new procurement rules and procedures appropriately.

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