06 August 2011

Council of Ministers Meeting of July 27, 2011




Council of Ministers meeting of July 27, 2011

This Wednesday, July 27, 2011, the Council of Ministers met at the Council of Ministers’ meeting room in the Government Palace, Dili, and approved:

1. Decree-Law that creates the National Commission of Sport

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sport established the Basic Law on Sport and the National Commission for Sport. In this way this Decree-Law regulates and defines its powers, composition and functioning in order to continue the process of sport development in Timor-Leste.

The National Commission for Sport exercises oversight functions, dispute resolution management and development of sport, promotion of the health of athletes, promotion of volunteering in sport and the organization and coordination of actions to combat doping, violence in sport and other deviations of the sports system.

The Council of Ministers also analyzed the following:

1. Decree-Law that approves the Regulations on PNTL Discipline

The Council of Ministers discussed the need to change the Disciplinary Regulations of PNTL to correct some inaccuracies, as well as the explanation of concepts, adapting them to t├ętum. The aim is a better interpretation and application.

2. Decree-Law that approves the Regiment for Registration and Notary Fees

Given that rates are an obligation for the services provided by the State to users who benefit from them, the Ministry of Justice presented the Regiment for Registration and Notary Fees, which establishes applicable rules for the different sectors of registration and notary.

3. Decree-Law on National Health Service Hospitals

The Minister of Health presented a proposal for a Decree-Law that intends to establish a well articulated and functional public hospital system, one which may be efficient and effective. This Decree-Law must ensure a good level of provision of hospital services and it’s development, not only in the present but also in the future.

4. United Nations Transition Plan

The Council of Ministers had also the opportunity to open the discussion on the Transition Plan of the United Nations.

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