23 August 2011

FRETILIN guarantees winning 60% in 2012 Parliamentary election

Fretilin Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri
East Timor Legal News 22/08/2011 Source: Timor Post (19/7/11) Dili - The General Secretary of FRETILIN party, Dr. MarĂ­ Alkatiri, guaranteed his party will win 60% in the Parliamentary general election in 2012. “Let us now prepare well for the third congress to look into the future because there is no doubt that we will win big in 2012 election. Our Meta is 60% and that if we achieve this, no other party can win 40%,” said Dr. Alkatiri at the party’s Dili District Conference.

The General Secretary urged the party militants to work hard to guarantee the 60% in the election. The ex-Prime Minister also affirmed that the present history of National Liberation was written by FRETILIN and other new parties in the country just take part in the liberation history. However, Mr. Alkatiri appealed to the party militants to open themselves to welcome new members because according to him, the party is not only party for the militants but FRETILIN is people who can rule other people in the country. Hence, there should not be discrimination, persecution and political hatred.

To rightly write the history, people have to be clear about who did fight for freedom because right now there are veterans who continuously suffer while others are receiving compensations. FRETILIN is really saddened by the situation because veterans exist because of FRETILIN. (TP) :

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Anonymous said...

Alkatiri is obviously having a day dreaming. With only turnout of well below 100,000 in its 'single candidate' election, the best the can get is around 13 seats. Even if we use their highly exaggerated figure of 150,000, they could only secure a maximum of 19 seats. Realistically, they probably ended up with 15 seats. Now, that's a figure made without considering efforts from other power such as Frenti-Mudansa who will be campaigning vigorously in Fretilin's bases in the districts, so more likely Alkatiri will end up securing less than 15 seats.