20 August 2011

Parliamentary President criticises the Courts saying house arrest for serious crime benefits perpetrators

President of the East Timor Parliament, Lasama
East Timor Legal News Source: Radio Timor-Leste 18 August 2011 - Parliamentary President Fernando Lasama Araujo said the house arrest which was recently handed down by the court benefited serious crime perpetrators by not deterring them from commiting more acts of crime in the future.

Lasama was referring to court decisions on a number of serious crimes committed which sometimes did not make people feel satisfied. 

Lasama affirmed that house arrest was not considered a strong penalty for the offenders and it had not made them afraid of the sanction given. 

"The case is actually a serious one, but what happen then, these people are only sentenced to a house arrest. 

If the verdict handed down is not strong enough then they will continue burning down the innocent people's houses," he said.

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