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09 August 2011

Four martial arts clubs legalised

08/08/2011 East Timor Legal News Televizaun Timor-Leste language source: Tetun - Four martial arts clubs, namely, Kera Sakti, KORKA, Kempo and Perisai Diri, have beeen legalised after registering in the Notary Office of the Justice Ministry.

Deputy Minister for Justice Ministry Ivo Jorge Valente called on the four martial art clubs that have been legalised to be good examples and maintain the image of the country internationally.

"The martial art leaders should educate their followers on how to behave well in accepting differences, helping each other, and respecting other groups," Valente said.

The State Secretary for Youth and Sports Miguel Manetelu said those martial arts clubs should fulfill the necessary criteria such as having a structural organisation, constitution and a proper place for training.

"They have to fulfill the criteria if they want to be legalised.

Firstly they should have a  structure, secondly is a governing statute and finally they should have a proper training center."

"They have to show where they will hold the training. This is aimed at avoiding any undesirable things while they are training," Manetelu said.

ETLJB Editor's Note: see also on the East Timor Law Journal:

2009 ETLJ 1 The Regulation of Martial Arts in East Timor: An Overview of Law No 10 of 2008 on the practice of martial arts 

Law No.10/2008 of 16 July on the Practice of Martial Arts

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Timor Rai Doben said...

Hopefully they're not involving in recent violent activity in Zumalai. Otherwise, it will be a big ashamed. All the best and please be the best for Timor-Leste.

Timor Rai Doben said...

hopefully they're not involving in recent violent activity in Zumalai. Otherwise it will be a big ashamed. All the best and please be the best for East Timor. Timor presiza ema ou grupo nebe bele suporta dezemvolvimento iha rai laran husi aktividade nebe positivo.