11 August 2011

East Timor Labour Code and Current Conditions - Government Press Release

Salt workers, Laga, East Timor
East Timor Legal News 27/07/2011 The Labour Code and current conditions Source:  Government of East Timor - Labour legislation, besides being a priority for the Government, is a fundamental tool to establish the rules in this area. The Labour Code, according to the Secretary of State for Professional Training and Employment, Bendito de Freitas, is currently in the National Parliament, with Commissions A and H and awaits approval.

In Timor-Leste there are many cases of national workers living a precarious job situation or are just unemployed. Many of these cases are the result of the lack of an employment contract with the company, a contract that leaves them unable to enforce their rights as workers.

Currently, unemployment faced by young men and women force them to accept proposals for work in conditions that may not be ideal. Bendito de Freitas believes that they tend to accept what is offered to them without negotiating and without asserting their rights as workers.

Another important aspect is the entry of international workers who end up competing with national workers, and in this aspect the Labour Code will also regulate the protection, defense and rights of all workers.

This is also one of the responsibilities of the Secretariat of State, to regulate and supervise the work of foreigners in Timor-Leste and assist workers and employers in matters involving labour.

To enforce the principles of equality in accordance with the International Labour Standards and support the implementation of the Labour Code, DL 19/2010 of December 1st, establishes the status of the General-Inspectorate of Labour (LGI), under the responsibility of SoSPTE. The LGI is a public service that controls the compliance with the standards for working conditions, prevention of occupational hazards, social security, employment and unemployment protection and employment of foreigners.

See also the report on the investigation of illegal foreign workers in East Timor by UNPOL in 2005

Opersaun Foxtrot Malae 2005 PNTL 

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