06 August 2011

Dili district police holds meeting with parents, community leaders

Televizaun Timor-Leste, August 2, 2011 language source: Tetun - Dili District Police Monday held a meeting with parents, community leaders, and school principals, talking about the way they can resolve conflict which involves  schools students.

The meeting was positive as the parents, community leaders and school principals shared their ideas of resolving problems among the schools, said Commissioner of Police Longuinhos Monteiro. The General Commander of PNTL said the parents have the obligation to educate their children so that they can behave well in the social life.

"We the police, community leaders, parents and school principals havea  responsibility to resolve the problems that happen in social life," Monteiro said. It is important for the Ministry of Education to pay attention and resolve clashes between the public school students of 10 de Desembro and Filantil, said Zito Antonio de Oliveira.

The Director of Education for II region added that it is important for the PNTL to investigate the case and process it based on the existing law."The clash happened in the main road where the students stoned each other. We hand over this problem to the competent institutions like PNTL to investigate this case," de Oliveira said.

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