31 August 2011

Deceased police officer's family calls for responsibility

East Timor Legal News 29/08/2011 Source Timor Post language source: Tetun - The family of the deceased police officer Alfredo da Costa has called for Parliamentary President Fernando Lasama de Araujo to be responsible for the widow and children whom da Costa left.

"We are calling on the Parliament, especially the president of the Parliament to pay attention to the widow and her children by providing them with scholarships so that they can continue their study," a family member Guilherme said.

Lasama should take responsibility because Alfredo had escorted him as personal security, he said.

Guilherme also called on the country's state bodies not to repeat such training in the future. Da Costa died in Jakarta after relieving an intensive medical treatment in Jakarta [Indonesia].

The electric current which was used to hit da Costa has been the cause of his death.

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