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10 August 2011

Criminal cases in Timor-Leste remain high

East Timor Legal News 01/08/2011 Source: Suara Timor Lorosae - Criminal cases such as domestic violence and assault cases in Timor-Leste remain high with the highest number of criminal cases is in Dili District.

The total number of domestic violence cases is 367 and 1900 of assault cases, said Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga.

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) commander added that the police are making efforts to prevent people  committing acts of crime but unfortunately the number continues increasing.

"Community policingis coming to the rural areas to hold socialisation and share information about how people can stay away from violence," Gonzaga said.

Ainaro District Police Commander, Superintendent Orlando Gomes, said the highest number of criminal cases in Ainaro is domestic violence.

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